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The FFF Plan and Balay System

The FFF Plan "The promise of this e-book is that you will be able to earn a good living from horse racing within a few hours every day in the comfort of your own home. The FFF Plan is based on 15 years of statistics. We do not use tipsters, recommendations or 'sure fire insider tips'! The FFF Plan is based on statistical facts. DO NOT DELAY - YOU COULD BE EARNING MONEY TODAY, RIGHT NOW! "This betting/investment plan beats all the odds. We tried it and, after some sceptical days, our bank balance quadrupled!" We have the records to prove it! These are given to you with the book! Never trust a method, system or plan that cannot be proved by records!"

The Balay System "Now there IS a system so cleverly devised it guarantees you win on every race selected. A system that gives you a way of investing your money so that you cannot lose on any of those races. There is a system, tried and tested, that does not need you to work out complicated time-consuming calculations, does not need hours of preparation. You do not need to check out form, or know when the horse last raced, or how good the trainer is, or what the jockey had for breakfast. This new system is completely new and different from the usual! And as it is written by two authors of text books, it is practical and easy to understand."

These two systems from Dr. Dennis Coote and Hazel Reed are well worth seeking out on this site because they are a bit different. The exposition of the method is very clear even for a beginner. My only quibble would be with the claim that the calculator programs provided are worth £60 each! They are not, but will serve if you are desperate.

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